Karla S. Chambers

Karla S. Chambers is a naive artist that paints the natural world with vibrant colors and textures. As a farmer in the Willamette Valley, her paintings depict a lifetime of agricultural influences. As a child, she rode horseback to move cattle from one range to another through fields of desert flowers. The flowers were a refuge that radiated with brilliant colors amidst a dry landscape where life was difficult and water was precious. In her mind, beauty and harvest have always gone hand in hand.

“It’s a blessing to be able to share my memories and my love for agriculture through vibrant colors, textures, and shapes.”

-Karla Chambers

Come join me for the Trunk Show at Gallery 444 on December 4 to benefit the Wildlife Conservation Network! My “trunk” painting is front and center with the golden background! I’m so honored to be among so many famous artists!